Steps For Becoming Gay

Steps for Becoming Gay

Steps For Becoming Gay. Previously homosexuality was considered a sin in society, and people of this kind were treated badly and given a lower status in society or often marked as untouchables. This was way back in time; in the present day, things have changed by many folds, but still, there are some barriers and problems to the people belonging to the LGBT community. Becoming gay is not easy; we used to think that just liking people of the same gender makes you gay, but in reality, many other matters should be kept in mind if you want to establish yourself as gay in the world.

The gay community

in the present time needs some shared likings and experiences to consider someone really gay. These experiences and liking are very important for the gay community; if you differ from these things, your own gay community will doubt you. In this article, I will discuss some of the very important steps you must understand for becoming gay.

Having a Diva

Many unique steps are involved for a person to become gay; among them, having a beautiful diva around you is one of the major steps in this path. Having a strong and beautiful women icon beside is one of the major requirements to establish you as gay in the society of the present day; it represents your gay life properly in front of all the people. There is no specification for the choice of the iconic woman figure beside you. It does not have to be a star name rather. It can be anyone who can help you to establish your gay life.


Dressing up like your opposite sex is also a very important step in this transition to gay life or becoming gay. You do not need to wear these female dresses every day, but you can wear them on Halloween or any other occasion. This unlashes the personality inside you that you were not aware of, and it will also allow you to make peace with femininity. People usually fear being gay due to some norms in our society, but this one step can eliminate the fear and allow you to become gay much more easily.

Body Language

Body language is something that makes people around you understand your personality much more clearly. It also makes clear to the other person if you are interested in him or not. Detecting a gay person is not very easy if you do not understand their body language, and it is also very important for you to act in that manner so that people can understand you are gay. You need to learn how to establish this body language in yourself; this will massively benefit your gay experience also the way you communicate and interact with others.

Knowing about the Poppers

The poppers are a kind of drug that gives you an instant high that facilitates anal sex or gives you a heightened orgasm or sexual arousal. Gay people sometimes use this drug for the mentioned purpose, but it should not be used regularly. Saying all these while becoming gay, it is important to know about the poppers as sometimes it can come in handy during any gay interactions. It is like a secret in the gay community which is only used when it is highly needed.


Today, our society has a very different and degraded outlook towards the LGBT community; people do not accept these people easily. In some countries, homosexuality is considered taboo and a sin. The LGBT community people need to protest against this backward-minded society and properly establish themselves. Join in the protest parades, participate in the PDA movement; do whatever is needed to establish your own community. Choosing your sexuality is your right, and no one in this world can take that away from you, so you should fight and fight until the end.

Go to the Pride

The month of June is considered Pride month, and it is celebrated every year by the LGBT community all over the world. This Pride month is for the LGBT community people to promote their dignity, self-affirmation, and equality in society. It reminds people that belonging to the LGBT community does not make their status lower than straight people. They should be treated like normal people and should not be deprived of any services just because of their choice of sexuality. Pride Month is not just for promotion but also a protest against those people who look down on homosexual people. Hence you need to participate in the pride month and movements as it is a major step in becoming gay.

Develop a Proper Gaydar

Your sexuality is not decided as you are born; it requires your experiences and preferences as you grow up. This is the same for detecting any gay people around you; you are not just born with this ability to detect gay people around you. It is impossible to see a guy and understand whether he is gay or not; that is not possible to understand if you do not understand the vibes and the signals. It requires hard work and years of experience to develop that ability. For this, you need to be a good reader of body language and signals that the opposite person gives.

This will help you to understand whether that person is gay or not. You can also use this ability to check if you are safe among people of your own kind. When you develop a great Gaydar, then your gay experiences will be easy and great.

Coming Out

These are the final and most important steps for becoming gay. You need to come out in front of the world and show yourself and freely mention your sexuality. We all know about the situation regarding the acceptance of gay people in society; so to break that norm and downgraded mentality, you should be out of the closet and express yourself to people worldwide. Forget all the fears and stand together with your fellow gay people and establish your community. Make clear that you are not any less than the straight people; do everything to gain equal status in society.