Gay Life And What’s Good About Being Gay?

Gay Life

Gay Life And What’s Good About Being Gay?

Adolescence is considered to be a period where young people start maturing socially, emotionally, and physically. The development of the personal and unique identity of a person is a very crucial part of adolescence. Adolescent development can be influenced by various amounts of social interaction and in different kinds of environments. Hence, communities, peers, and individuals play a very big role in adolescent development.

When a person goes through any psychological distress and negative influence by the environment and the individuals, the youths might grow a bisexual, gay, or lesbian personality. It has been observed that these negative influences result in a traumatic life. Research has revealed that youths subjected to rejections, harassment, and victimization have a significant impact mentally and physically.

The problems faced by LGBT people are adequately studied to understand them and make their lives better. The LGBT people face many challenges in their lives, which they tend to overcome smoothly and try to make their lives easy and acceptable in society. Also, we should understand that there are positive aspects of these LGBT people. In this article, we will discuss the pros and challenges of gay life.


Gay people are often left out or not invited to family parties or family get-togethers. This can be used positively by gay couples. Gay couples can spend a beautiful and wonderful time together without interruption from the family members or anyone else. They do not have to listen to anything from their boring aunties and uncles; if they went to the party, they had to listen to these boring conversations. Also, there was a chance of other relatives passing bad and negative comments to the gay couple. So they are safe from all these things.

You can share a quick and rapid peck to the people who choose their seats, and then you can have an entire row only for yourself even if the cinema hall is filled up. The same things happen in a bus or a flight; that is, you can get the whole row of the seat for yourself.

Gay Life

In leading a gay life, your family members often consider that you are not capable enough to take care of any baby or child easily; hence you are saved from any kinds of babysitting jobs. To be very honest, babysitting jobs are very much hectic and also very much difficult. The main reason behind it is that your family members often assume or consider that you are very much incapable and irresponsible about your own life hence there is not a chance that you will be able to take care of a baby.

People can trust you with the girls. Being gay, you are not attracted to any woman or girl; hence the girls are safe around you; they do not face any threat when you are with them. In the present day, women are not safe around men due to their unethical activities, but by leading a gay life, you will not have any sexual feelings towards them; hence the girls are safe around you and can gain their trust easily. There are many challenges that gay people have to face nowadays.

Social and Cultural Challenges

In the present time, society has a mentality against homosexuality; they think in a way that anything apart from heterosexuality is highly stigmatized. So when a group or any particular individual does not fall into this heterosexual group, they are treated as outsiders. They are marginalized, oppressed, and discriminated against by society in both social and cultural ways.

It has been recorded that gay people are much more prone to this kind of discrimination and oppression than heterosexual people. The bias is based on sexual orientation; straight people often hate gay or heterosexual people. These straight people harm the life of gay people in many ways. The straight people’s hostile approach and force result in oppression, stigma, and isolation of gay people from society. These people even face discrimination from various vital sectors like education, health access, housing, employment, and many more. Even the law was harsh on them as same-sex marriage was considered to be illegal and was considered to be a punishable offense.

Mental Health and Psychological Challenges

The adverse and bad conditions created by the cultural and social challenges often affect the mental health of gay people. As it is known that homosexuality was illegal, people leading a gay life always fear getting exposed in front of everyone. They see the getting exposed can invite insufficient punishments in their lives.

In many cases, gay people often reject them and do not give importance to their sexual preference, and they also try to change their sexual preferences forcefully. This has a huge impact on the person, and it sometimes pushes him to even taking drastic decisions like suicide or many other things. Slowly with all this discrimination and rejection from society, gay people become the victim of anxiety, depression, and many other psychological health problems. These negative treatment, discrimination, and fear become a common concern for all gay teenagers and adults; due to these, they employ some drastic measures like drugs, suicide, running away from home, and many more.

Coping Strategies and Resilience among Gay People

Many steps are taken to help gay people to overcome this social stress and discrimination; gay adolescent is kept in hetero-normative conditions that have helped them a lot. Sessions and seminars are held primarily for these gay people who believe in their sexuality and obtain enough strength not to get affected by social discrimination. Another study of gay youth resilience has revealed that gay people are starting to believe in themselves and removing harmful tendencies like depression, suicide attempts, drug or alcohol addiction, and many more. Gay people have built up a very strong and healthy relationship with the people from their community; hence, this closeness has helped them drive away from the negative habits. All of them live in society and help each other stay strong and protect each other from discrimination and oppression.

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